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Mega POS Seal

Mega POS Seal

Indicative Flat Stem Pull Tight Seal

  • Large Marking Area
  • Available in Biodegradable (Contact sales team for biodegradable price)
  • Used to secure a wide range of applications

The Mega POS is a plastic pull tight seal designed for increased strength and grip ideal for applications in the retail, delivery and courier sectors among others.

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  • The Mega POS Seal is both ultrasonically welded and heat encapsulated for better tamper evidence.
  • The large flap area allows ample space for marking and barcoding.
  • The embedded spikes at the back of the seal provide better strapping grip on bags or other slippery materials.
  • A metal clip encapsulated by cap provides greater security and greater pull strength.
  • The Mega Pos Seal is etched with secure and permanent laser marking for name, logo, sequential numbers & barcodes. Laser marking offers high level of security against tampering
  • The strap is engraved to indicate sealing length.

Download Datasheets

Download Mega POS Seal Datasheet