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Electronic Seal – IntellEseal T1

Electronic Seal – IntellEseal T1

IntelleSeal T1: combats internal fraud and theft in the entire supply chain

If you want to prevent loss and Fraud in the entire supply chain, Mega Fortris has got the ultimate solution: the IntelleSeal T1. The IntelleSeal T1 was specifically designed for use in extreme circumstances, like on the back of a truck. The seal easily detects if and when cargo doors, trolleys or containers have been opened.

The IntelleSeal T1 is an electronic seal with an advanced LED display. On closing, the seal automatically generates a unique number that can be entered in the freight documents. If the IntelleSeal’s display displays the same number on arrival, it is certain the cargo doors, trolleys or container have not been opened in transit. A new unique number is generated each time the transport has to stop for additional loading or offloading.


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The IntelleSeal T1 has been designed specifically for use in extreme circumstances. It comes with a rugged housing and is completely protected from water, dust, salt, dirt and oil.
The IntelleSeal T1 is very easy to use and has a warranted battery lifetime of 5 years (6 days a week, 18 sealing activities per day).
After that time, the battery can be replaced by the user himself, making the IntelleSeal T1 a very cost effective solution to combat loss of goods in your supply chain!