Securing the Banking Industry with the Mega Brick Seal

Securing the Banking Industry with the Mega Brick Seal

The Mega Brick Seal by Mega Fortris Group has taken the Banking and Cash handling organisations by storm with its unique features and the security it provides. The Mega Brick Cable Seal combine the latest security features with an internal UHF (Ultra High Frequency) RFID passive tag inside the body. The Mega Brick Seal security is enhanced further by applying a permanent laser marked barcode up to 22 digits, which only can be read with special software. This enables the user to have an audit trail of the security seal location, and time & date of when and where it was transported. This unique feature has attracted a lot of attention from the Banking and Cash-In-Transit industry. The Mega Brick Seal has also been successfully used with other industries securing high valued goods.

The Mega Brick Seal itself is a highly tamper evident Cable Seal with a double locking mechanism to ensure maximum security. The slim body of the locking mechanism allows the seal to be used in various industries and applications with a small locking area such as ATM boxes, Money trays, Cash-In-Transit black boxes, Gold Bar Transport boxes and more.

The Mega Brick Seal has been approved by National Banks within Europe and are currently used by the Banking and Cash handling industry to secure various applications. As mentioned, the Mega Brick Seal can also be manufactured with an Ultra High Frequency RFID Technology to allows remote automatic readings. This enhances the security and operational aspects and allows for a more secure audit trail of the applications. The RFID provide a seamless reading from start location to the transport vehicle and final destination.

The Mega Brick Seal has also been BAM (Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und –prüfung) tested and approved. The BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing is a senior scientific and technical Federal institute, with responsibility to the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

So, the main feature of the Mega Brick Seal is the high security locking device and the fact that the RFID features enables the banking and cash-in-transit organisations to transport high valued goods from one location to another. The Mega Brick Seal provides two identical numbers – one programmed into the UHF RFID tag and the same number on the outer body of the cable lock seal. This prevents the potential intruders from opening the seal body and tampering with the seal. Furthermore, the seal also has five tamper evident features located across the body of the seal, to show signs of tampering. If intruders try to open the locking mechanism the seal’s plastic coating will break to show signs of tampering yet the seal will stay locked. This allows the users to see clearly if the seal has been tampered with, without giving intruders access to the goods.

In essence, this is the ideal seal for use on transportation of High Valued goods, as it has been trusted by many National Banks across Europe and BAM tested and approved. The RFID Technology allows for an added layer of security enabling the highest form of security.